tisdag 26 maj 2015

Race day - 300ZGH Horice

Sunday and time for my first race of the season!

A short warm-up of 10 minutes did start the day to do the final check of the bike and track before the race. And shortly after that was a opening cermony of the race with the towns mayer and represents from the organizing club and a smal speak from the Irish rider Michael Pearson.

To the race did I have the fantastic artist Emmy Rich as a grid girl and Hanna Rovly as grid girl /mechanic!  They did make the grid really shine up!

The start did go good as I have learn to make good start with my 125GP bike and I did passsome other riders. Was at 8:th place for long and following the Dutch rider Michal Hofman. But after some slide with front and rear tire and some of the 250GP bikes passing me from starting behind us on the grid i decided to not push any harder. In the middle of the race did local rider Jan Novotny pass my after being out of the track from a early crash from the German rider Werner Steege. So my result in this race was 9:th place. That was first time in top 10 at this track that is the hardest track with hardest rider line up. So I was happy to have made some progress at this race and to have so good feeling with my bike!

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