fredag 22 maj 2015

Qualifycation at 300ZGH

Down in CZ and  Horice we did set everything up with a good place in the middle of the paddock together with the other Swedish rider George Carlsson.  Bike went thru technical inspection without any problem. Our group from Sweden did have 2 cabins situated also in the middle of the paddock. Blue sky and bright sun did make it feel like a Swedish summer!

First qualifying the riding and bike did feel almost perfect! Just some smal wheelies when flipping the bike from one side to the other and my self gliding forward in braking and a feeling of to mutch weight on front wheel then. Looking at the result and I was in total 16:th of the 37 riders on the track. Im my class 125GP was I in 10:th position. So good start of season as I only done one test day before and many of my rivals have done 2 race before this race.

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