tisdag 14 juli 2015

Okruh Frantiska Bartose - Ostrava Radvanice

The fourth rund of 125GP  in Czech Road Racing in this countrys third biggest town Ostrava.  

This Town is located in the east of the republic close to the Polish border and is a very sport intrested town.  They have a very technical real road racing track in the part of the town called Radvanice with a big variation of fast and slow forest and town parts that I like! 
The first race here was held in 2007 and in 2012 I was the first ever Swedish rider to have raced here and from that I been here every year since.
For this race my partners Fotohenke and Emmy Rich was joining me to travel down. Wendsday afternoon the travel started from Sweden. We choosed to travel over the bridge to Denmark and then go with the ferry Gedser-Rostock.  The plan was to taking in to some hotel in Germany.  But the prices of the room where we was looking was not something we liked.  So Henrik did drive all the way to Horice where we booked a cabin at Autokemp Horice. That the town where I have my bike placed between the races.  After a day in Horice where we was relaxing some and eating out at resturance and shopping we wake up early on friday to drive the last 300km to Ostrava.

In the paddock we was placed to a grass area. A place I liked as it gives you a more relaxed feeling of a summer holliday and easyer to secure the paddock tent. For the first time this year I open up my engine to look how it look. And was really surpriced how good everything look!

A late message that I did get in the paddock on friday that a sponsor did withdraw from this race did give me some worring as I didnt have that extra money backup and needed this money. So I asked my freinds for help and almost get the same money from them as I did loose from the sponsor deal! So BIG thanx to all of you helpers!!

Saturday qualifying.
This day did go to re-learn this track.  Last year was not so many laps I did as my bike did struggle some.  On the first lap I almost crashed in to the bales into a new chicane.  I was not expected it to be a chicane there! Did brake so hard so my rear wheel was dancing in the air and did have to take the side walk outside the road to escape..
Second qualifying this new chicane was taken away as the riders did complain that it was dangerouse and did not help for anything.  My riding was feeling mutch better exept that I was really tired the last 3 lap. 11:th position out of 15 was my result.
Evening was first spend out on Taurus resturace with Emmy, Henke,  Pavel and Wolfgan. Later Emmy, Henke and me did the well know Stoldoni street where its over 50 bar and music club open all nigth!  

Sunday and race day!
Our race was 10:45 and by then it was 26 degrees out with blue sky and big sun! My start was not the best. But could easy take the positions back that I lost and then follow the faster riders in front of me and build up my speed.  In the end of this race it did feel a little lonely as I didnt see any other riders in front of me.  But on the finnish line there was a rider close behind me. Result was a 7:th position of the 15 riders!  So a okay result and my best for this year.


The rest of the day Fotohenke was out and taking photos of the other classes and Emmy and me did enjoy the day with over 30 degree with looking at supertwin and side car race and then start to pack all our stuff down.  Back in Horice all the places for sleeping  was closed or full. So we needed to go to Hradec Kralove to find a place to sleep.
So this weekend was full of great weather,  good racing and a lot of adventure!
Big thanks to Emmy and Fotohenke for following me down and for all the help and crazy adventures.
Big thanks to Michal and Lucie for helping my cz racing buisness!
Congratulations for the win Michal!

And thanks to all my freinds that did give me some support.
Also this race and racers and all the marshall, photographers and people watching this race was fantastic!
I enjoy it a lot!! :)

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